The sea consists of drops of water,
the dunes of grains of sand,
time consists of only moments,
take them wisely by the hand.

1912 - 2004terugblik op Meij

In 2007 Het Behouden Blik published the book TerugBlik op Meij together with St. Uitgaven Noord Nederland.

TerugBlik op Meij is a document on the shops in Uithuizermeeden. A 160 page journey through the town of Uithuizermeeden with pictures and private documents that have never been published before.

Het Blik Bekeken offers you a glimpse of the collection of tins, packages and advertising materials that can be seen in Het Behouden Blik.

There are only a few copies left for sale (€ 19,50). All 1350 books have been sold out.